We Feel Through the Dead

by The Outside

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Mixed and mastered by Maximilian Rabe at Fenn Studio, Berlin
Drums recorded at Fenn Studios, Berlin
All Keyboards by Juan Escobar, recorded at Vultura Studio, Czech Republic
Spoken voice in Spanish by Francisco Pollak
Artwork and Layout by Jaime Correa @fidelitous_artworks (Instagram)


released September 7, 2018

Alberto Atalah - Drums
Ishay Sommer - Bass Guitar
Ricardo Espinoza - Guitar
Roland B. Marx - Vocals

All songs written, arranged, and performed by The Outside

Alberto Atalah proudly uses: Pearl Drums, Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals, Ice Stix, and Ahead Armor Cases


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Portrait
Framed by deception
A blind procession
Within the void they walk
Stumbling through the abyss
Let them repeal their sins
Damnation fades when I
make a mask of my skin

Portrait of perversion
Contour of fear
A scheme of nihilists
They paint a portrait of perversion
No variety will persist

Crony capital
In tempting tone they talk
Deaf leading the deaf
I will retreat, set the score
When I've closed my wounds
I'll know what it all was for

Portrait of perversion
Contour of fear
Plan of revisionists
They paint a portrait of perversion
It' deadly, this grave new world
Where we won't coexist

Explain this paradox phenomenon
And try to purge and pry open the sun

My skin, yes it shines
But fouling flesh you'll find
Through the cracks I see
Oh show me some light
Show me some light

Portrait of perversion
Contours of shame
The scheme of nihilists
It's a portrait of perversion
In the grand finale
We resist
Track Name: Congregation
Imperious and proud of the past
Their self-abjection
The shepherds on the loose
Perpetrators of pretended peace
Ignorants walled in
Principles, their means
Scabbed tools to seduce

Diligent they plan how to rule
What they call a nation
Deluding state by state
Educate this aggressive flock of fools
Our retaliation against prayers to the stained white race

Places, parading dead
Faces fade, disappear
All congregated, constructing this bold union of fear

I hear obedient screaming for another bait
So bristled at the ones meant to reveal and stay awake

Millions to behold the elected king
Ignoring those who have revealed his strings

Voices, none is heard
Choices gone and disappeared
Tool of his hatred
Praying in our union of fear
Track Name: Towers Tall
Towers tall made of glass
Take these words and use them well, to agitate this mass

Burning speech burns our books with lies
The borders have been breached
People feed your fire

Hybrid words
Dirty wars
Facts are only valid if you believe

Speak and negate
Absurd rotten state
We'll have the palace purged, deconstructed
Scourge that we unmake

Marching feet turn the seed of contempt
Just puppets of your rule
Flies breed on your tongue

Dusty tomes
Shady slaves
History are just stories set in the past

Speak and negate
Destroy rotten states
We've had the palace burned, now it's wrecked
Purge and annihilate

Tremendous cries, word-feeding lies
Cold fire of threat, my fever shines

Speak and despise
Our soul it defies
We've had the palace burned, yes it's wrecked
Pick up the stones
And throw 'em back

Speak truth to power and terminate
The emperor of the absurd I uncreate
Track Name: We Feel Through the Dead
Detractor, assignment of guilt
Then clench your hands 'round the earth
Crushing its wealth

Oh starving of man, your arrogance and lies
Vultures feast in the worker's cage
Slaughter in the public eye

Disrupting disruption
Stained monuments washed to the sea
Disrupting disruption
Of the new elite
It steals

Superstition in green
The swamp thing returns
Indifference to starvation pays
Just abundance and nothing else learned

Disrupting disruption
False monuments washed to the sea
Disrupting disruption
The new elite it steals

Tendering the savage diamonds
But by now through the dead we can feel
Disrupting disruption
As the North commands and never kneels

A promise of salvation by forging chains
What's left of tomorrow?
An endless army mastered by cryptic claims

Disrupting disruption
False monuments washed to the sea
End of endless corrosion
All of them steal

Tendering the savage diamonds
But yes, through the dead we can feel
Disrupting disruption
The Global North still stands and never kneels

Will never kneel
Track Name: War Among the Poor
Illiteracy's so convenient as pride enslaves everyone
You are upper class by birth
Money's shining sons

No peace
Our army grows
You laugh and feast from the dead
There's no peace but bigotry and poverty instead

Trickle-down reason to us the people that you broke
I'm sickened by sedative violence that you exercise and provoke

We won't give no peace
Our army moves
You taunt, streets turning red
No peace but savagery and poverty instead

Where's the threshold to dignity?

Triggering fake expectations
War for scraps among the poor
Consumption consumption consumption
Consumption's not a cure
Track Name: To Dismantle
Tie and suit impeccable to the eye
Still they twist, intertwine, subvert
Telling truth or lies whatever opportune
Actually just purring hate patterns intriguing words

Every time another victim cries
This total tyranny sees defeat
Then blunt murders come, obscene and raw
A demon's born, downfall of law

Disappointed they drivel, they drool
Scared by change, the unknown which becomes
No you're not my representative
Just a puppet preaching danger by your sons

Each time another victim dies
Your total tyranny fears defeat
Then the murders start, obscene and raw
A demon's born, downfall of law

Imperfect perfection

Faceless figures dominating the scene
But profession is more than conviction
and revolution's more than just a term
It's more than tall tales and hollow phrases
It's upheaval
To dismantle
To overthrow the powers that are
To reconstruct
And to destroy

The demons born
The world is torn
Track Name: It's a Campaign
Bleak and desolate
Fortress shining white
Constructing doom
Bones at the wall over ashes of pyre
Reflecting light

Tricked and treasoned
Crawling the land
Toward the gates
Perilous right of the disadvantaged
Creating fate

Break the feeding hand
You have to raze this fertile land
You point and fire your weapons
At the weak

It's a campaign
Against the weak

It's a campaign

Break the feeding hand
Whipping up fires across the land
The golden whores shoot their weapons
They are killing the weak
Track Name: A Star Burns
In the city of crucifixion, call it Al-quds, Yerushalayim
Just one man looks to the sky and perceives a sign
"I am the sacrifice for truth!"

The thorn-crowned man gets cast from the world
Sabers crossed on black banners fade
A star burns

I will eradicate affliction, call it Ragnarök or deluge
Blowing up houses of god
All religious roots

This thorn-crowned coward he won't return
Sabers crossed on black banners fade
While a blue star burns

Everyone's his desires' whore
Silent are my lips
I speak with thorned fingertips
Betrayal oozes out of every pore

Rules and prohibitions
Generational attrition
To keep their status and last
Killing in present and past

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